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Sales Team

Dean Barnett
Worldwide Sales Manager

Dean has over 20 years of experience in the gaming industry. He was recruited out of UNLV’s football program into the NFL where he played professionally for a number of years. Transitioning out of professional football, he started working as a dealer on the Las Vegas Strip. After a few years in the casino operations side of the business he was recruited by a major vendor in the industry he began a successful career providing sales and service throughout the United States and Canada. His experience has created a demand for his expertise in working with casino managers and Directors of Table Games and he has significantly helped Galaxy Gaming‘s clients. Dean learned well from his days in the NFL because he is truly a team player and a pleasure to work with since 2009 here at Galaxy. Dean is a Regional Sales Manager and assists in game rules and procedures development. He is also an excellent trainer and our clients enjoy having him help train on new Galaxy games. 

Bobby Pietrosanto
Senior Sales Specialist

Bobby has over 27 years of experience in the gaming industry. 9 years in casino operations and 18 years with casinos on table games and equipment. He has been on all sides of the table starting as a dealer, pit supervisor, floor manager and Casino Manager. He really understands not only how table games work, but he knows how to help our clients maximize the appeal and return on the games we install. He is a significant contributor to game design and is our senior trainer both live and via our web based and video based training programs. Bobby’s enthusiasm for the gaming industry is evident and is only exceeded by his concern for our clients. He is a great asset to the team and we are lucky to have him here at galaxy. Bobby is a Senior Sales Specialist and oversees sales and training operations in a number of jurisdictions in the US and overseas. 

Gary Saul
Regional Sales Manager

With over 35 years in the gaming industry, as well as professional playing experience, Gary has worked in every capacity from Dealer to Gaming Director. He has served as consultant to numerous casinos worldwide. His services include all facets of cheating, “advantage play”, detection and prevention, “time and motion” analysis, as well as the controls and procedural analysis for all casino table games. Gary also specializes in hands on training for all management capacities. Formerly, Gary worked for International Gaming Specialists, a consulting firm that specialized in “Game Protection”. The company consisted of a small group of veteran casino executives, professional players and security/game protection experts. IGS was considered the top company in the country on Casino Operations. Gary is a tremendous asset to all of his clients and has been on the Galaxy team for over 11 years. He is presently the Regional Sales Manager for Galaxy Gaming in Washington State, Oregon and British Columbia, Canada.