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Three Card Prime

Three Card Prime

Three Card Prime is a 3-card poker based game designed for all table game pits featuring a new free-to-the-player Bad Beat bonus feature. Players are pleased to find familiar betting patterns along with enhancements that give more power to the player.

Players are dealt three cards to make their best 3-card poker hand to play against the dealer’s 3-card poker hand. 

How to Play

Players must place the Ante wager and any additional side bets to begin the game. Additional side bets include the Prime and Pair Bonus wagers. After all initial wagers are made, both the dealer and the player each receive three cards, and a fourth community card is placed in front of the dealer on the designated spot on the felt (this is a community card referred to as the fourth Pair Bonus card). Players examine their cards and either place a Play wager equal to their Ante wager or they can fold. If the player folds, their hand is still used to determine the outcome of any side bet wagers the player made. Once all Play bets are made, the dealer’s 3-card hand is reveled. The best 3-card poker hand wins and any side bets are reconciled.

Side Bets

  • Prime - wins odds if the player’s hand contains three cards of the same color and wins more if both the player’s and dealer’s cards are all of the same color.
  • Pair Bonus – wins odds if the player's 3-card hand contains a Pair or better; the fourth, Pair Bonus Card, determines the amount won and wins even more if the card is a Deuce (2).
  • Play – wins even money and pays odds on higher ranking hands.
  • Bad Beat Bonus – wins odds when the dealer beats the player, but the player’s hand contains a Straight or better.

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