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Emperor's Challenge

Emperor's Challenge

Traditional Pai Gow Poker is a popular casino game in established casinos and expanding. The introduction of the bonus wager added excitement to standard play by allowing players to make an additional wager on receiving a high ranking poker hand which instantly increases the win on Pai Gow Poker. Emperor’s Challenge maintains that feature and adds another player-optional proposition wager called Pai Gow Insurance; the player can “hedge” their bet by protecting against a poor hand! Also Emperor’s Challenge is now commission free!

  • Traditional Pai Gow Poker with two very popular proposition wagers.
  • Now 100% Commission Free!
  • Emperor’s Treasure proposition wager offers multiple bonus awards for higher poker ranking hands.
  • The Pai Gow Insurance wager provides for awards that are paid when either the player or the dealer receive a hand without a pair or better. There are six winning combinations for hands that are no better than an Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10 or 9 high.
  • The Envy Bonus paytable awards players who bet $5 or more on the Treasure Bonus bet and is paid when other players receive qualifying hands.

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