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Texas Shootout

Texas Shootout

Unlike traditional Texas Hold’em, each player plays heads-up against the dealer. Texas Shootout is a Hold’em Poker game played with six decks. Players are pleased to find familiar betting patterns along with two new enhancements that give more power to the player.

Players are dealt four cards, they keep two cards or they can split their hand, to form their best 5-card poker hand using the community board.

How to Play

Player must place their bet and any additional side bets to begin the game. Additional side bets include the Quick Draw and Shootout Bonus wagers. After all initial wagers are made, both the player and the dealer each receive four cards. The player may keep any two cards and discard the other two cards to make one 2-card hand, or the player can split their four cards and play two 2-card hands. The dealer keeps their best two cards (house ways) to make their 2-card hand. The dealer reveals the five community cards and both the dealer and the player make their best 5-card poker hand. The player uses their 2-card hand, plus the five card flop to create their best 5-card poker hand to compare to the dealer’s hand.

Side Bets

  • Shootout Bonus – wins odds if the player’s hand contains a Straight or better.
  • Quick Draw – wins odds if the player's hand contains a Pair or better.
  • Envy Bonus – allows players to win on other players’ hands when wagering on the Shootout Bonus bet, usually there is a pre-determined wager minimum (e.g. $5 or more).

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