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Texas Shootout

Texas Shootout

It’s not often a game of this caliber comes along. Never before has there been this much excitement over a house banked poker game.

Unlike traditional Texas Hold’em, each player plays “heads-up” against the dealer. In addition, players have the opportunity for huge instant winnings with the optional “Shootout Bonus” wager.

Texas Shootout is a Hold’em poker game played with six decks. Players are playing heads-up against the dealer. Each player receives four cards as well as the dealer. Players may now keep any two cards and discard the other two, or they can split them and play two hands. The dealer keeps their best two cards (house ways) and the hand goes to a 5 card flop. Players using their individual two cards and the five card flop create their best poker hand and compare it to the dealer.

The Greatest House Banked Texas Hold’em Yet!

  • Wild Possibilities – By using 6 decks players often receive a high-ranking poker hand which adds to the excitement.
  • Fast Paced and Easy to Learn – From novice to expert, Texas Shootout appeals to all skill levels of poker players.
  • Shootout Bonus – Provides an opportunity for players to win large jackpots.
  • Envy Bonus – Players can win on other players’ hands when wagering on the Shootout Bonus bet, usually there is a pre-determined wager minimum (e.g. $5 or more).
  • Bonus Jackpot – Using Galaxy Gaming’s proprietary Bonus Jackpot System, with a $1 wager players can win a life-altering jackpot.

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