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Triple Attack Blackjack – Voted Casino Journal’s Best New Table Game 2010!

Triple Attack Blackjack Turns the Tables on the Competition!

Triple Attack offers players the option to increase their initial wager twice prior to acting on their hand. It’s all about being able to make decisions, and this game lets the players do just that – not once, not twice, but three times!

Each of the betting phases, called “Attacks,” offer chances to win. The first “Attack” is the primary wager that must be between the posted house limits for that game. After the primary wager or “Attack” is made, then the dealer will deal the first cards. If the player likes what they see, for example an Ace or a Ten value card, they could add an amount equal to their first wager as a second “Attack.” Then the dealer will deal their card face up. If the player thinks the dealer will have a poor hand they can press the third “Attack” with an equal wager to the first one, or if the dealer shows a stronger card, the player can pass, yet stays in the game. Then the game of 21 is played according to normal rules.

Triple Attack Blackjack has Guaranteed ways for Players to Win!

  • Any 21 – Any player’s hand that achieves a point total of 21 automatically wins the First, Second and Third Attack wagers.
  • Six Card Charlie – If a player receives six or more cards and their point total does not exceed 21, their First, Second, and Third Attack wagers automatically win.
  • Doubling Down – Players may double down on any number of cards, even after splitting.
  • Insurance Wager – The insurance wager gives players a chance to win 2 to 1 or 5 to 1. (If the dealer’s Blackjack is suited.)
  • Splitting – Players may split and re-split their hand up to three times. (includes Aces.)


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