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MEGAshare™ – Shared Bonus Jackpot Wager

Offered in conjunction with our “Bonus Jackpot System” (BJS) as a Bonus Jackpot wager, MEGAshare entitles the player to win when a winning triggering event occurs. All qualified participants who made the MEGAshare wager while playing on any table within our “BJS” network would then share the MEGAshare Envy Bonus Jackpot.

How it Works

  1. When a player makes a predetermined minimum Bonus Jackpot wager (e.g., $2) they also qualify for the MEGAshare Envy Bonus Jackpot, which is separate from the Daily Bonus Jackpot.
  2. When the winning triggering event occurs, all players who qualify for MEGAshare will equally share the MEGAshare Envy Bonus Jackpot.
  3. All players qualifying for MEGAshare have an equal opportunity to win. The Daily Bonus Jackpot is “game specific”, whereas MEGAshare is not.

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