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Super Three Card

Super Three Card

Super Three Card is a poker-style game where players create a three-card hand dealt from a multi-deck shoe, using either six or eight standard decks.  The player’s goal is to make a higher three-card poker hand than the dealer.  Super Three Card includes an optional bonus wager, the Big Hand Bonus.

How to Play

The player must place equal Ante and Odds wagers and any optional bonus wagers to begin. Then, players are dealt two cards and the dealer receives one card – all cards are dealt face-up. Players must decide whether to play, by placing a Play wager equal to their Ante or to Surrender and lose their Ante wager. If the Play wager is made, then the player receives an additional card, and the dealer receives two additional cards. The higher-ranking poker hand wins. Player wins all ties.

  • Big Hand Bonus - Wins against a paytable using the player’s first two cards, combined with the dealer’s first card to form a three-card poker hand. Dealer reconciles wagers before the player’s third card.
  • Ante - Players must place an equal Ante and Odds wager to begin the game. Ante is paid even money on a player win or tie.
  • Odds - With a player win, the Odds wager is paid according to a posted paytable.
  • Play - Players can choose to place a Play wager equal to their Ante wager to receive an additional card and play against the dealer or surrender the Ante and fold. The Play wagers pay even money on a player win or tie.