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Texas Shootout

Texas Shootout

Texas Shootout is a unique Hold’em alternative played using six decks. This 5-card poker game designed for all table games pits offers a fast-paced opportunity to beat the house that players appreciate and enjoy.

How to Play

Players begin by placing the primary wager and any optional side bets. Next, players and the dealer each receive four cards. The player may keep any two cards and discard the others to make one hand, or the player can split their four cards and play two 2-card hands. The dealer keeps their best two cards according to the house ways to make their 2-card hand then the dealer reveals five community cards. The best 5-card poker hand wins and any side bets are reconciled.

Optional Side Bets

  • Shootout Bonus – Wins odds with a Straight or better using the player’s best 5-card hand.
  • Quick Draw – Wins odds against the paytable using the player’s pocket cards.

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