About Galaxy

15 Guiding Principles

Our "Rules of Engagement"   In other words, here’s how we play…

  1. We think long-term relationships are best.
  2. We exceed expectations.
  3. We mentor each other as equals.
  4. We are respectfully nice.
  5. Silence means we are OK with what's going on.
  6. Whenever we encounter a negative issue or challenge, our energies will only be focused on its resolution, and we will only communicate with those who are responsible for supporting a positive outcome.
  7. We guard all sensitive, confidential, and privileged information.
  8. We never perform or neglect any action that could jeopardize our integrity, reputation, regulatory eligibility or financial viability.
  9. We know the difference between nearly right and exactly right.  In everything we do, we strive to be exactly right.
  10. We consistently seek to improve our performances. 
  11. We seek out and incorporate innovations to maintain a competitive edge.
  12. We are committed to training.
  13. We embrace and drive change, maintaining flexibility while staying true to our primary purpose and goals.
  14. We timely respond to all communications.
  15. We have fun.