Galaxy Operating System

The innovative Galaxy Operating System™ -  dynamic and accessible new game management system.

  • Lightweight and scalable - ideal for casino floors of any size
  • Easy for dealers to operate
  • Data safe and recoverable system
  • Flexible electronic bonusing platform for real-time progressive jackpots, daily jackpots, and promotions
  • HTML-based UX allowing for modern content, rapid deployment and simpler field support
  • Simple 3rd party integration

Tiered Progressive System

GOS allows for real-time progressive jackpots, daily jackpots, and promotions. The Tiered Progressive allows games to be configured with up to four paytables and up to eight paylines. Each payline can also have its own independent meter.

Additionally, GOS can be fitted with single and dual jackpots as well as dual game jackpots linked amongst different tables across multiple casinos.

Dealer Pad

GOS is design to simplify operator procedures. The Dealer Pad is mounted on the table for easy access. The jackpot procedure is seamless and does not require play to stop at any linked tables.

GOS Sensors

The new, sleek GOS Sensors are available in Red, Blue, and Green. The sensors are USB driven with a daisy-chain design. Also, the sensors are linked to the dealer pad, so a customer’s bet amount is registered upon placing a chip.

Reporting & Security

GOS provides more robust reporting and back-end analytics via an upgraded dashboard. The dashboard is home to reporting, jackpot configurations, verifications, and reversals. The required log-in credentials will allow operators to feel confident and secure.


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