Galaxy iGaming is the world’s leading licensor of proprietary casino table games to the online gaming world.

Our world-renowned games, such as 21+3™, Lucky Ladies™, Perfect Pairs™, Caribbean Stud poker™, Buster Blackjack, and much more, appear on over 750 of the world’s leading online casino iGaming sites. Our broad distribution in both land-based and online casinos has built up a significant player following across the world, ensuring a strong performance and significant returns to operators across the continents.

Over 750,000 players choose to play a Galaxy iGaming game online every month.  

Over 125 million wagers are placed on Galaxy Games online each month.

With its acquisition of Progressive Games Partners in 2020, Galaxy has gained 20 years of unique experience, knowledge, and insight into the nuances of the online table game market – all assets that complement our traditional land-based business. 

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The World's #1 Side Bet! Adds 3-card Poker to the base game of Blackjack.

3 Card Hold 'Em

A variation of Three Card Poker and Texas Hold’em Poker where both the Player and Dealer aim to make the highest possible 3 card hand from 3 community cards and 2 hole cards.

Bad Beat Baccarat

A game based on the standard Baccarat game, with the addition of two exciting ‘Bad Beat’ sidebets that pay out if either the final Player score is one less than the final Banker score or the final Banker score is one less than the final Player score.

Bonus Blackjack

Based on the traditional game of Blackjack, with an entertaining bonus bet, that lends itself perfectly to the use of brands.

Bonus Craps

Bonus Craps adds three new side bets that win big based on the numbers rolled.

Bonus Tie Baccarat

Bonus Tie Baccarat is regular Baccarat featuring a sidebet that will win if either the Banker and Player hands tie, or are within 1 of each other.

Bust Bonus

Bust Bonus allows players to bet that the dealer’s hand will bust after the dealer’s up-card is dealt.

Buster Blackjack

Buster Blackjack is regular Blackjack game featuring a sidebet that allows the Player to bet that the dealer will bust. The more cards in the dealer’s busted hand, the higher the payoff is.

Caribbean Stud

Poker with progressive jackpot

Deuces Wild

Played against the Dealer and based on 5 card stud Poker with the essential difference being that all 2’s are wild. This compelling game also allows the Player to make up to three additional sidebet wagers.

Double Ball Roulette

Double Ball Roulette offers an exciting variation to the traditional game of roulette using two balls to deliver two winning numbers from a single spin.

Emperor’s Challenge

Emperor’s Challenge is played the same as traditional Pai Gow, while offering bonus wagers such as Pai Gow Insurance and Emperor’s Treasure.

Extreme 21

A thrilling variant of Blackjack, where the Player plays 1 on 1 against the Dealer. The Dealer has to hit his hand until they beat the Player or busts trying!

Heads-up Hold’em

Extremely popular, Heads-Up Hold'em is a Texas Hold'em variant designed for all table game pits.

High Card Flush

High Card Flush is a suits based game where the objective is to obtain multiple cards in the same suit (Flush).

Highhand Blackjack

Bringing a new level of excitement to blackjack, HHBJ combines traditional Blackjack against the Dealer with a pooled bet amongst the players where the highest Player’s hand wins the community pot!

Lucky Ladies

Lucky Ladies is recognized as one of the most popular Blackjack side bets in the world.

Lucky Lucky

Considered the ultimate in sidebets this is a hugely popular game, with simplicity of play and high-level payout opportunities. This game is already featured on 700 + live tables across North America.

Perfect Pairs

Hugely popular game, based on standard Blackjack but providing the Player the opportunity to win bonus money by placing a ‘Perfect Pairs’ sidebet.

Progressive Blackjack

A standard Blackjack game with the added benefit of a progressive jackpot to appeal to all players.

Suit 'Em Up Blackjack

Based on traditional Blackjack but with a fun, optional bonus bet that offers rewards to the player when their first two cards are of the same suit.

Texas Hold'em Bonus

One of the most popular versions of Texas Hold’em, played against the Dealer and providing the additional option of an exciting sidebet.

Top 3

TOP 3 is an additional side bet on 21+3 that utilizes the player’s first two cards combined with the dealer's up-card.

Triple Action Hold 'Em

A fantastic game derived from Texas Hold ‘Em Poker, designed to create added excitement by using just the top 28 cards in the deck. There are also two optional sidebets.

Triple Attack Blackjack

Triple Attack Blackjack is a unique twist on standard Blackjack allowing the Player to make three separate bets on their hand, both before and after seeing both their and the dealer’s first card being dealt.

Two Way Hold'Em

Fun new Poker game where the Player’s object is to win by having a 5-card hand better than the Dealer using two pocket cards and 5 community cards.

Vegas Three Card Rummy

Based on the traditional game of Rummy, this is an extremely popular online casino game where the Player plays against the Dealer and has the option to place a ‘bonus bet’.

Win Sum Bonus Baccarat

Win Sum Bonus Baccarat is regular Baccarat featuring a sidebet that will win if the sum of the final Banker and Player hand scores is under 5 or over 14.

Yes Dice

Fun dice-based table game that gives Player’s the opportunity to roll two dice and bet on different combinations of the numbers that are rolled.



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