Lunar Table Display II

Lunar Table Display II (LTDII) is an electronic Dice and Roulette tracker that is customizable and easy to navigate. The system is designed to enhance player experience and simplify the tracking of Galaxy optional wagers including Bonus Craps, Repeater Bets, Repeater Bets Plus and Repeater Bets for Roulette.

Base game content includes Pass Line Roll History or Roulette Spin History as well as various statistics including “Hot” and “Cold” numbers, Longest Roll in Craps, charts on last 50 Rolls or Spins, and more! The player experience is enhanced with call to actions, winning celebrations, and a “Hot Shooter Mode” for craps.


• Intuitive user interface

• Highly responsive touch screen

• Paytable selection

• Ability to undo last round entries

• Min/Max wager inputs

• Control game settings

• High definition, 21.5" double-sided, ultra thin display

• Exciting motion graphics

• Content for Bonus Craps, Repeater Bets Plus, and Repeater Bets for Roulette

• Digital lammering on bonus wagers

• Comprehensive game results

• Support for most intelligent shoes


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