May 13, 2022


LAS VEGAS, May 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Galaxy Gaming, Inc. (OTC: GLXZ), the world’s largest independent developer and distributor of casino table games and technology announced the launch of Triton Casino Systems™, a brand-new table game progressive operating system. Triton Casino Systems has refined what made its precursor, Bonus Jackpot System, successful and adds a wealth of new features to enhance the casino floor.

Triton Casino Systems provides casino partners with the flexibility for a variety of progressive configurations including daily jackpots, real-time progressives, and tiered progressives. Simplifying the dealer procedure and jackpot payouts is the inventive and easy-to-use dealer pad. The new Triton sensors are available in a variety of colors and are calibrated to operate in a variety of lighting conditions.

Triton provides more robust reporting and back-end analytics via an upgraded dashboard. The dashboard is home to reporting, jackpot configurations, and other helpful tools. With features like required log-in credentials, operators can feel confident and secure with this durable, data-safe, and recoverable casino system.

“We have delivered a successful progressive jackpot system for many years,” said Todd Cravens, President and CEO of Galaxy Gaming. “But we listened to our partners and developed a brand-new platform that gives them the features and customizations needed for this evolving industry. The Triton Casino System is more than a new progressive jackpot system. It’s a scalable tool that allows Galaxy Gaming and our customers to continue to develop best-in-class experiences.”

The launch of Triton Casino Systems is just the beginning. The Galaxy Gaming team is already developing the next iteration of Triton Casino Systems and expects to have additional updates this year.

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