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May 8, 2023

Galaxy Gaming® Launches Next-Generation Galaxy Operating System™

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LAS VEGAS, May 08, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Galaxy Gaming, Inc. (OTC: GLXZ), the world’s largest independent developer and distributor of casino table games and technology announced the launch of Galaxy Operating System (GOS), the next-generation game management system featuring innovative progressive jackpot options, striking LED sensors, and first-of-its kind digital tracking.

“GOS pairs our extensive knowledge of table games progressives with a modern approach to table management systems resulting in this dynamic and scalable operating system,” said Todd Cravens, President and CEO of Galaxy Gaming. “We believe that this is greater than just a progressive system. It’s a full operating system designed to evolve with the industry, our partners, and chiefly, with what players want. We can’t wait to thrill players with the GOS experience.”

Galaxy transforms their renowned progressives with the world’s first Dynamic Progressive. Dynamic Progressive blends Galaxy’s most popular games with an exhilarating experience where pays increase with electrifying results. Additionally, for the first time, GOS supports digital tracking for Galaxy’s Roulette Up™ Progressive and Make’em All Progressive, and the Two-Way Dice™ Progressive.

GOS can run multiple jackpots on a wide range of table games with a variety of multi-game, tier, and denom progressive options. Operators may also link multiple tables on a floor or across several casinos with progressive jackpots with any of these configurations.

Vibrant GOS sensors instantly register bets when chips are placed and tables can be fitted with single, dual, or even triple progressive sensor bet spots.

These features are supported by a modern UX that allows for rapid deployment and streamlined field support. The dealer touch tablet features an intuitive design, is easy to learn, and the jackpot procedure is seamless.

GOS is a full operating system designed to continually evolve with new hardware and software enhancements. Stay tuned as the Galaxy team is already developing the next iteration of GOS and expect to showcase additional enhancements at G2E 2023.

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