Galaxy Operating System, The Next-Generation Game Management System

The Galaxy Operating System is designed with your players in mind. You can now collect and allocate wagers, display and manage jackpots, and report analytics, just to name a few. Built to evolve, GOS is more than just a jackpot progressive system. We've highlighted our favorite parts that will keep your players engaged.

Dynamic Progressive

GOS’ flexible electronic bonusing platform powers the world’s first Dynamic Progressive. Dynamic Progressive is unlike any other progressive, blending our world-famous games with an exhilarating experience. Players will love seeing pays increase with electrifying and Dynamic results.

Roulette Up Tracking

And, for the first time, GOS supports digital tracking for Galaxy’s Roulette Up Progressive, allowing players to wager before every spin. You can now track ever wager regardless of the start, and winning streaks are highlighted on the screen.

Vibrant New Sensors

Vibrant GOS sensors instantly register bets when chips are placed. GOS can be fitted with single, dual, or even triple progressive sensor bet spots. Sensors can be calibrated in ambient light and come in eight different colors.

Craps Tracking

With the Galaxy Operating System, lammers turn virtual as the dealer inputs rolls on the dealer pad, including an option to input dice combos or value.

Dashboard & Reporting

The GOS dashboard is home to robust reporting options, jackpot configurations, back-end analytics, and more. See Activity, Award Reports, Event Reports and more.

Multi-game, tier, and denom progressive options

Run multiple jackpots on a wide range of table games with a variety of multi-game, tier, and denom progressive options. Link multiple tables on a floor or across several casinos with progressive jackpots with any of these configurations.

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Galaxy Gaming delivers the casino games and technology to engage your players and drive results.