May 5, 2021

Industry-Leading Customer Satisfaction

Galaxy Gaming leads the industry in customer satisfaction. How do we know? We asked our clients.

Net promoter scores (NPS) are a measurement of a company’s service and quality that is compiled by surveying its customer base. While the range of acceptable scores varies from field to field, a score above 0 is usually considered good. Bain & Co, the source of the NPS system suggests that above 50 is excellent, and above 80 is world-class. Major brands Apple, Google, and Microsoft boast NPS scores of 47, 11, and 45 respectively. Where does this Galaxy Gaming rank? Galaxy Gaming has consistently maintained an NPS score in the 80-100 range. We had the opportunity to speak to Lori Koster, the Director of Operations at Galaxy Gaming, to get some insight on what her team does to receive such glowing reviews and how it makes a difference for our clients.


First, Lori makes clear that quality service does not start when a technician steps foot on the casino floor; it begins with a dedicated team that handles product fulfillment. The Galaxy Gaming Product Fulfillment Team keeps clients fully informed on what to expect whether it be for installations, downtime, or repairs. Operators are informed at every stage of the process. This keeps the process as smooth as possible for operators. “Without Product Fulfillment’s initial investment in the process, service breaks down. It’s a part of the whole working wheel.” Lori says.


When that first crucial step is complete, the Service Technicians swiftly arrive on-site and begin service. Lori stresses the importance of the Service Team establishing personal connections with our clients that set them on the road to success. “Each property has a tech assigned to them and is put on a preventative maintenance schedule. They receive regular check-ins, and follow-ups to make sure that our equipment is operating smoothly. We do this to find problems before they occur.” For operators, this provides peace of mind that their priorities and concerns are shared by the Service Team supporting them. “Clients keep our techs in their phones on a first name basis, they text them directly. It gives them that personal level of trust that ‘Hey, this is my buddy. I know can count on him.’”

Putting in the Work

Truthfully, it goes beyond just personal connections. A dedicated point of contact means no waiting for follow-ups, no waffling to find someone to take care of an issue, no passing the buck: The client’s business is Galaxy’s business. “We look at it from a perspective of if the shoe was on the other foot and we were on the receiving end of the service: how would we want to be treated?” When a Galaxy Gaming Service Technician arrives, operators can trust that there is someone fully informed on their property’s situation and that the issue will be resolved. “Sometimes we're up against hard deadlines and we just roll up our sleeves, band together, and meet our deadlines.”

When service is completed Galaxy sends surveys to every client asking how we did and how we can improve. The results have been overwhelmingly positive. Lori credits her team’s NPS success and the positive feedback they receive from clients to their dedication to ‘Obsessive Customer Service’, one of Galaxy’s four core principles and one she reiterates often. “I'll read some of the NPS comments we receive, and I always think, ‘This right here, this is what we're doing right.’”

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