December 2, 2021

Success with the Mega Link Jackpot in the UK

Galaxy Gaming launched its first Inter Casino Link progressive system with Metropolitan Gaming, formerly Caesars Entertainment, in May 2021. The Mega Link Jackpot is linked across 22 tables in seven casinos throughout the UK.

Prior to Mega Link, each of Metropolitan Gaming casino properties previously had local 21+3 Progressive jackpots. Following the temporary closure per COVID-19 lockdowns, the company wanted to enhance their player offering and experience on blackjack as part of their re-opening strategy using the powerful worldwide brand of 21+3.

In consultation with Metropolitan Gaming, Galaxy Gaming then created the Mega Link Jackpot – a nationwide progressive system, and following the product launch in May 2021, it has seen great success across all casino locations.  As part of Galaxy’s unique dual progressive solution, players now have the ability to opt for both local and the Mega Link Jackpots by placing wagers on each respective bet sensors at the gaming tables.

“Metropolitan Gaming are delighted with the 21+3 Mega Link Progressive from Galaxy Gaming. It has clearly demonstrated the need for an estate wide jackpot solution. The concept was developed through a series of planning initiatives during lockdown, aiming to have a new cutting-edge table game to offer our customers, when we opened the doors in May. I can confidently say that Mega Link has been a hit with our blackjack players and delivered the returns we anticipated,” stated Mark Malia, Group Head of Gaming Operations for Metropolitan Gaming.

On November 14, 2021, the jackpot was hit for the first time by a Metropolitan Gaming customer at just over £160,000. While the mega jackpot has only hit once as yet, players have also won varying levels of substantial payouts across the various fixed prizes since its launch. Each winning hand is formed using the player’s first two cards and the dealer’s up-card, and Mega Link’s unique math model ensures that players are constantly rewarded throughout the gaming experience.

Gavin Wright, Galaxy Gaming’s European Sales Consultant who managed the project, stated that, “It has been an absolute pleasure working with Mark and the team at Metropolitan Gaming. Inter Casino Link is clearly a market leading innovation for the land-based market, and I am confident that this will be the start of further Galaxy Gaming ICL products in both the UK and European Markets.  Already one customer in Malta has taken the same initiative and is now in pole-position in comparison to their local competition.  In addition, our experience in iGaming has proven that 21+3 is one of the most played Blackjack side bets worldwide so this exciting innovation with Metropolitan Gaming provides their customers with what they love and expect across all channels.”

ICL was developed using Galaxy’s Bonus Jackpot System, which is a versatile electronic bonusing platform. Multiple configurations are available to enable operators to offer real-time progressive jackpots, daily jackpots, and promotions. In addition to linking jackpots between multiple casinos, the Bonus Jackpot System can feature dual-games and multi-denom progressives. Whether it’s linking multiple tables, multiple casinos or just a standalone table/jackpot, our BJS can be shaped to fit each operator’s needs. ICL or standalone BJS can be configured to any product of Galaxy Gaming.

For more information or to set up a demo, contact your Sales Representative.

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