January 22, 2021

Todd Cravens Looks Ahead

Here's to the great that awaits. To celebrate the new year, we sat down with Galaxy Gaming CEO and President, Todd Cravens to chat about what excites him about the future of gaming and what Galaxy Gaming has in store.

Can you give us a sneak peek of what Galaxy Gaming has in store for 2021?

In December we hosted our first-ever Galaxy Gaming Connect virtual event. We showed a number of new games and some new technology as well. On the content side of things, the three new games that stick out for me are Fightback Baccarat, Roulette Up, and Daredevil Poker. I like that each of them has a new mechanic that the market really hasn't seen before.

We also debuted a brand-new progressive solution, Triton Casino System. We’ve had the Bonus Jackpot System for years and it has been a workhorse for us but, it was time for us to upgrade things and move on. Triton still supports the dual bet progressive and Inter-CasinoLink which we've been doing with BJS for a long time. But what Triton offers that is most interesting for our partners is that it's a completely open-source system.  We've already started to have conversations with operators about integrating Triton into their software packages and different hardware items. We’ve also announced that we're working with TCS John Huxley for some hardware support with Roulette Up and Fightback Baccarat. Plus, we’re integrating with some of the back office systems as well.  For instance, we have customers that want to be able to take some of the data out of Triton and dump it into their own CMS. In short, we’ll now be able to work with customers and other providers to make use of the investments that they have already made on or around their table product with this new solution.


When you look to the future, what excites you most about the future of gaming?

There are two things. The first one would be omnichannel content. We now have this opportunity where we can engage and delight the player wherever they are - if they're at a casino, if they're on vacation, or if they're at home in their jam-jams. Having that ability to continue to learn more about the player and provide great entertainment for them is exciting to us.

We're starting to see data from our online providers and understanding who's playing and when they're playing. And more importantly, how are these games being played? Are they betting the ante? And if not, then why aren't they? One of the things that's really interesting is that we can now get large amounts of quantifiable data that are going to allow us to make better games. There’s always a bit of magic to making a great game but this feedback will continue to help us make better and better content.


What are you looking forward to most this year?

People and Products.  I can't wait to get out and see people, see our customers, and see players again. As soon as I can, there will be skid marks out of here for how quickly I’ll be heading out. The other reason I say people is in reference to how we're building the team here. A larger percentage of the Galaxy Gaming team is now focused on product and people. We've been building up the engineering team, we've been building up the product team, and we're building the sales and business development team. It is all about what we can do to move forward with products and taking care of our customers. I'm very excited to launch some of these new products. We still have a few tricks up our sleeve for 2021.

Looking forward to getting out and seeing people and launching new products!

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