3 Dice Baccarat

3 Dice Baccarat is like standard baccarat, but with dice instead of cards.  One set of three dice is used for the Player and one set for the Banker. 3 Dice Baccarat is also commission-free, with a 3  over 0 pushing  winning  hand  wagers. Each hand is scored by adding together the three dice and using the last digit of the sum, resulting in totals of 0 - 9.  The hands are compared and the highest total wins!

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Progressive Options

3 Dice Baccarat features the ultra-exciting Triple Progressive.  Players win if either the Player hand or the Banker hand has three dice with the same  value (Triple). Pays are increased when both hands have Triples,  including a chance to win the jackpot.  With the 3 Dice Baccarat Triple Progressive, every Triple wins!


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