Cajun Stud

Popular with players and simple to learn, Cajun Stud is a fun 5-card poker game featuring three exciting new bonus wagers. Players enjoy the simple betting patterns and enhancements that provide additional opportunities to win.


Primary Game

  • The Ante is required to receive two pocket cards. Then the player will make a Raise wager up to three times the amount of the Ante or fold before each community card is revealed. The final 5-card hand is compared to the paytable.

Lo Ball

  • An optional wager that wins odds when the final 5-card hand contains only a Jack-high or lower.

Board Bonus

  • This optional bonus wager wins odds if the community board consists of a pair or better.

Pocket Bonus

  • An optional wager that allows players to start by instantly winning with any pair or an Ace + Face.


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