Emperor’s Challenge Exposed

Emperor’s Challenge Exposed is commission free Pai Gow, where the dealer sets their hand face-up, allowing players to set their own hands in an optimal manner. The game offers bonus wagers such as Pai Gow Insurance and Emperor’s Treasure. Additionally, the game can be configured to allow operators to include a progressive on the game. A commission free version is available.

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Pai Gow Insurance: Players can wager on their hand or the dealer’s hand achieving a Pai Gow.

Emperor's Treasure: Offers a payout on a high-ranking poker hand. Players can wager on their hand achieving a high-ranking poker hand listed on the paytable, including an Envy payout on wagers of $5 or more.


Choose from a variety of Progressive options, including: Multi-Denom, Dual Game, and Single Jackpot.


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