Eternal Baccarat

Eternal Baccarat contains a set of 5 optional wagers that win based on the specific event or outcome.

  • Sun 7 wins if the BANKER hand wins with a 3-Card 7.
  • Moon 8 wins if the PLAYER hand wins with a 3-Card 8.
  • Supreme 7 wins if both the PLAYER and BANKER hands are a 2-Card 7 or both hands are a 3-Card 7.
  • Divine 9 wins if the PLAYER and/or BANKER hand are a 3-Card 9.
  • Eclipse wins if any of the events in the other four wagers occur.

Also, Eternal Baccarat can be offered alongside other Galaxy Baccarat games and progressives - many great choices, all on one table!

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All Galaxy Baccarat titles are customizable. Eternal Baccarat can be combined with any other Galaxy Baccarat games including Golden Talons. These games are also compatible with the Lunar Table Display, an electronic trend board that is customizable and easy to navigate. Eternal Baccarat can also be combined with a variety of Action Bonus Wagers and the Harmony Progressive.

Harmony Progressive

Enhance the game by adding a Progressive side bet. The Progressive wager is made at the beginning of the game, in addition to all base game wagers. Every tie wins and pays increase with the specific tie scenario. If both hands form a six-of-a-kind, the jackpot wins!


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