EZ Baccarat

Baccarat the EZ way

EZ Baccarat® is the fastest and most popular Baccarat variant on the market. EZ Baccarat is played commission-free where all Banker wagers push with a winning Banker 3-card 7. Removing the hassle of commission speeds up the game play, allowing for more hands per hour. Along with standard Baccarat wagers, EZ Baccarat offers two fan favorite bonus wager options and innovative progressives.

Wins with a Banker
winning 3-card 7 and
pays 40 to 1.

Wins with a Player
winning 3-card 8 and
pays 25 to 1.

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Panda 8 and Dragon 7 Progressive

The Panda 8 and the Dragon 7 Progressive is the newest Baccarat progressive on the market offering an individual Jackpot! The top payout is won based on the player’s seat position, so the jackpot is not split between players!

A player wins the jackpot if their specific suited combination, printed on their seat position, matches the respective Player and Banker suited hands when a Dragon 7 or Panda 8 occur.

EZ Baccarat® is a baccarat game created and developed by Robin Powell and Francisco “TJ” Tejeda.

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