Four Card Stud

Four Card Stud is a four-card poker game played against a paytable. This simple game has a basic betting strategy with fun, easy to understand propositional wagers.

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Optional Bonus Wagers

Two Card Bonus: This optional wager wins if the player’s two Pocket cards form a 2-card poker hand.

Three Card Bonus: This is an optional wager that wins odds if the player’s two Pocket cards plus the first community card revealed form a 3-card poker hand.

Primary Game: Players begin by making a Play wager to receive two Pocket cards. They have the option to raise OR check before the dealer reveals each of the community cards. The Play and each Raise, if made, win odds according to the paytable for the hand received.


Choose from a variety of Progressive options, including: Mini-Royal, 5-Card Linked, and Straight Flush Progressive.


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