Perfect Pairs Blackjack

Perfect Pairs is the Blackjack side-bet that’s easy to play, offering players up to 30 to 1 on payouts, without effecting the flow or speed of the game. Easy to play, Perfect Pairs is played by making an extra wager in addition to the regular Blackjack bet on the Perfect Pairs table spot. Cards are then drawn in the traditional Blackjack fashion for the initial two cards, if the two cards are either a Mixed Pair, Colored Pair or a Perfect Pair, the player wins according to the paytable- it’s simple!

All Galaxy titles are customizable. Perfect Pairs can be combined with additional popular side bets such as 21+3, Bust Bonus, or Lucky Ladies.

Perfect Pairs is also available for Spanish Deck Blackjack.

Perfect Pairs is not included as part of our Prime Membership portfolio

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Players start by placing their standard Blackjack wager and the optional Perfect Pairs wager. Cards are then dealt as per standard Blackjack dealing procedures. If the two cards are either a Mixed Pair, Colored Pair or a Perfect Pair, the player wins according to the paytable - it’s that simple!

  • A Perfect Pair is an identical pair (e.g., 2 Queen of Hearts).
  • A Colored Pair is where both cards are either red or both are black (e.g., 8 of Hearts and 8 of Diamonds).
  • A Mixed Pair is a pair made up of one red card and one black card (e.g., 3 of Diamonds and 3 of Clubs).


Enhance the game by adding a Progressive side bet. The progressive wager is made at the beginning of the game, in addition to all base game wagers. After the player and dealer receive their cards, the Perfect Pairs progressive wager is evaluated. The progressive has no effect on the base blackjack game and is simple to learn for both dealers and players.

With Perfect Pairs Progressive, every pair wins! The winning starts when the player’s first 2 cards are a Mixed Pair (1 red card and 1 black card) and only go up from there. The pays increase with a Colored Pair (2 black or 2 red cards), a Perfect Pair (suited pair), or a Perfect Pair of a specific rank. For the top awards, including the jackpot, players for a Three-of-a-Kind using the dealer’s up-card. If the specific Three-of-a-Kind is achieved, the jackpot wins!

This title is not included in Prime membership. Galaxy Gaming licenses and distributes Perfect Pairs, a Netco Ltd. trademark.


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