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Player’s Edge 21

Player’s Edge 21 is an exciting variation of Blackjack typically played using five, six or eight decks (with all the 10’s removed). The unconventional rules, additional bonus features, and unique betting opportunities make Player’s Edge 21 extremely popular across the United States. It has the largest player base of any game in Washington State.

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  • Blackjack wins automatically and pays 3-2, never push
  • All 21’s win automatically, never push
  • Re-hit, re-split or double down on split Aces
  • Surrender on first two cards or after doubling down
  • Double-Double down
  • 21 Bonuses – Player’s that achieve a point total of 21 with select combinations win additional odds on their primary wager
  • Insurance – Dealer suited Blackjack pays 5-1

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