Repeater Bets Plus

Repeater Bets Plus is a table game variation of the exciting Repeater Bets craps wager. A dice  cup, containing  2  dice, is  used  to  determine the outcome AND players  get to shake the dice! Players can wager at the start of every round and on any wager that is not currently active.

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Repeater Bets

Repeater   Bets   Plus   contains   all   of   the   popular Repeater  Bets,  where  players  can  wager  on  any  numbers  between  2  and  12,  and includes a repeating 2, 3, 11, and 12 wager as  well.  If  the  wager  is  rolled  the  specific number of times before a 7 is rolled, players win!

Plus Bets

Repeater Bets Plus features the new Plus wagers: Uptown, Downtown, Citywide, Even, Odd, and Horn. Plus wagers are a combination of the Repeater Bets and win if any of the individual wagers win. As with all of the wagers, players lose if a 7 is rolled before the criteria is met.

Surrender and Dealer Envy

Repeater Bets Plus features a Surrender option, where players can end their wager early (if at least half of the winning criteria is met) and get paid! Also, with the Dealer Envy, the dealer wins a specific multiple of each winning player’s wagered amount!


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