Ricochet Poker

Ricochet Poker is a poker-based game for up to 7 players and uses a standard 52-card deck. The object of the game is to have the best poker hand, against other players and the dealer, to win a pot. Ricochet Poker also contains several optional bonus wagers.


  • All players and the dealer place an equal Ante wager.
  • Beginning with the lowest ranked two-card hand and proceeding from the lowest to highest, each player
    chooses to Play (and receive three additional cards) or Fold.
  • After all players have acted, the best poker hand (player or dealer) takes the pot.


  • Kickout Hand – The dealer folds their hand if it is better than a predetermined limit.
  • Ante Bonus – A built-in bonus that pays regardless of whether it is the highest hand in play.
  • Ties – Players win all ties against the dealer. All players’ tied hands remain active and potentially split the pot.

Hedge Bet

  • A player wagers that the dealer’s five-card hand achieves a winning triggering event according to the posted paytable.

Rapid Fire

  • A player wagers that their initial two-card hand will beat (or tie) the dealer’s five-card hand. Winning triggering events are paid according to the posted paytable.


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