Split To Double Blackjack

The highest action Blackjack in the pit! Unlike standard Blackjack, there is no hitting in Split to Double! Instead players have four options: Split, Double Down, Stand or Surrender.

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Players start with two equal wagers: the Blackjack game wager and a Blackjack or Bust wager. Instead of hitting, players have the option to:

  • Split any first two cards, resplit pairs only
  • Double Down up to 4x the Blackjack wager
  • Stand on any 2-card hand
  • Surrender the first two cards

The Blackjack or Bust wager pays on any player Blackjack or when the dealer busts!

All Galaxy titles are customizable. Split to Double can be combined with additional popular side bets such as Lucky Ladies, Top 3, or 21+3 Progressive.


Choose from some of our most popular Blackjack Progressives in a variety of linked and standalone configurations: Multi-Denom, Dual-Game, or Single Jackpot!


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