Supreme Pai Gow

Raise your Pai Gow game to a new level with Supreme Pai Gow.. Hands are set and evaluated in the same way as traditional pai gow, but unlike traditional, Supreme Pai Gow is commission-free, features a Raise option of up to 4 times the Ante, and players actually win on pushes! All Galaxy titles are customizable. Supreme Pai Gow can be combined with side bets such as Emperor's Treasure, Pai Gow Insurance, and Dealer's 8th Card.

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Ante Royalty: Wins based on the player's 7-card hand.

Pai Gow Insurance: Offers a payout on a specific Pai Gow hand. Players can wager on their hand or the dealer’s hand achieving a Pai Gow.

Emperor's Treasure: Offers a payout on a high-ranking poker hand. Players can wager on their hand achieving a high-ranking poker hand listed on the paytable, including an Envy payout on wagers of $5 or more.

Dealer's 8th Card: 3 wagering options with wins based on the dealer's unused 8th card.


Choose from a variety of Progressive options, including: Multi-Denom, Dual Game, and Single Jackpot.


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