Two Way Dice

Follow the Dice to Big Wins!

Two Way Dice is a bonus and progressive optional wager played on Craps. The object of the game is for players to roll numbers in an increasing or decreasing order, based n the direction set by the first two rolls.

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After all wagers are placed:

1st Roll: Sets the starting value

2nd Roll: Sets the direction (up or down),must be higher or lower than the 1st

3rd+ Rolls: Must follow the set direction to continue the roundAll rolls are tracked, either digitally or with lammers.

If a roll is in the wrong direction or is a 7, the round ends and winners are paid if they reach at least 3 good rolls.If the player reaches the maximum number of rolls, the top award is won, including a jackpot win on the progressive!Also, certain paytables offer a Dealer Envy!Dealers receive either a fixed pay or a multiple of the winning players’ wagered amounts, when players win with a specific number of rolls.


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