World Poker Tour® High Roller Hold'em

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High Roller Hold'em is a high action poker variant giving players the opportunity to raise up to 8x their Ante.

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Players place equal Ante and Odds wagers and receive 2 cards. The dealer also receives 2 cards and deals 5 community cards. After checking their 2 cards, players must decide to fold or make a Pre-Flop wager 1x - 3x their Ante. After the flop is revealed, players must again decide to fold or make a Flop wager 2x - 5x their Ante. The Turn and River cards are revealed and each player and the dealer form their best 5-card hand. There is no dealer qualifier! Instead, if the player wins, the Pre-Flop and the Flop wagers are paid even money, while the Ante and Odds wagers are paid based on a paytable.


Trips Plus: Players win if their best 5-card hand is a winning event listed on the paytable.

Pocket Bonus: Players win if their two pocket cards form a winning hand listed on the paytable.


Choose from a variety of Progressive options, including: Mini-Royal, 5-Card Linked, 7-Card Linked, and Straight Flush Progressive.


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