World Poker Tour® Super Omaha

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Super Omaha Poker brings the excitement of Omaha poker to the table games pit! This is an Omaha-style poker game played against the dealer, using a standard 52-card deck.

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Players start by placing an Ante wager and are dealt 4 cards. The dealer also receives 4 cards and deals 5 community cards. After examining their pocket cards and the flop, players choose to either fold, and lose their Ante wager, or raise up to 3 times their Ante wager and get in the game! The final 2 community cards are revealed and each player and the dealer will form their best 5-card hand using exactly 2 of their pocket cards and 3 community cards. If the player beats the dealer, their Ante wager is paid based on the paytable and the Flop wager wins even money!


Flop Bonus: This is an optional wager that wins if the 3-card flop is one of the winning events based on the paytable.

High Hand: This is an optional wager that wins if the Player's best and final 5-card hand, using 2 pocket cards and 3 community cards, is one of the winning events listed on the paytable.


Choose from a variety of Progressive options, including: Mini-Royal, 5-Card Linked, 7-Card Linked, and Straight Flush Progressive.


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