October 1, 2021

Why You Need Galaxy Gaming's Baccarat Collection on Your Floor

Galaxy Gaming is bringing a new collection of Baccarat titles to your casino. As part of our mission to provide top-notch customer service, we worked in collaboration with our operators to find out what was missing from the Baccarat space. We found that Baccarat needed customization. For years, there have been a variety of side bets all offered separately but never together. We at Galaxy Gaming are revolutionizing the Baccarat market by introducing three new Baccarat games that fill this need.

Here are four reasons to have Galaxy’s Baccarat tables on your casino floor.

It’s one-of-a-kind

The bet combinations of Rising Phoenix and Golden Talons on a table have never been done before.  It’s the first time players will have the opportunity to take advantage of both styles of side bets. This combination table is the answer operators needed to amplify their floor and draw a more engaged player and even garner new players.

It’s customizable

Not only can operators combine Rising Phoenix with Golden Talons, but all of our Baccarat side bets can be mixed and matched to form a table ideal for your customer. Mystic Baccarat presents three additional side bets and in similar fashion allows the option to add Golden Talons. With different variations of side bets to utilize, the option of adding single or multi-denom progressives, and the ability to have both commission and commission-free, the table will be exactly what you need it to be. Operators can bring a fresh take on Baccarat to their floor. Plus, those with Prime membership can have the ability to experiment to try out different combinations of bets at no extra charge.

It’s hi-tech

Despite the addition of numerous side bets to a single table, we've simplified the process for the dealer with the Lunar Table Display. This system is available not only for Galaxy Baccarat games, but you can take advantage of it for standard Baccarat tables as well. The Lunar Table Display transforms the typical trend board. It offers support for most industry intelligent shoes and provides comprehensive game results. The user-friendly dealer interface makes the dealer’s job streamlined, allowing more hands to be dealt.

It’s stunning

Our Baccarat game felt designs are dressed to the nines. Each of the games is showcased on the table to make it stand out amongst others on the floor. Also, the high-def Lunar Table Display shows dynamic graphics to keep the customer engaged and excited throughout gameplay.

Galaxy Baccarat is the answer you’ve been looking for. Call your Sales Representative today to set up a demo.

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