May 13, 2022

Triton Casino Systems - Your New Game Management System

Gaming technology is constantly evolving. At Galaxy Gaming, we make our customers our priority. We hear their needs and create solutions. We’re excited to launch an upgraded progressive system that will ease operations and enhance the casino floor. Triton Casino Systems is a powerful tool that drastically improves upon Galaxy’s Bonus Jackpot System. Triton was designed to evolve with our operators to continually meet their needs. It’s scalable and compatible to work for casino floors both large and small. Triton is much more than simply a progressive system. Here’s why you’ll want to upgrade.


Triton Tiered Progressive

Single and dual jackpots are a thing of the past. Operators want more, and Triton gives that ability. The Triton Tiered Progressive allows games to be configured with up to four paytables, up to eight paylines for each paytable, and each payline can have its own independent meter. This progressive system will encourage players to stay longer on tables. Additionally, the system is flexible allowing for real-time progressive, daily jackpots and promotions that can be linked between different tables across multiple casinos.  

Dealer Pad

Easing the dealer procedure and making payouts quicker, also means more and longer play on the table. The dealer pad is convenient and simplifies operator procedures. The dealer pad provides access to jackpot payouts and does not require play to stop at linked tables.  

Reporting Dashboard

Analytics are crucial to an operator’s success, that’s why we made enhancements in our new progressive system. Back-end analytics are accessible via an upgraded dashboard. This dashboard is home to reporting, jackpot configurations, verifications, and reversals. With the required login credentials, operators can feel confident and secure with this durable, data-safe, and recoverable casino system.

Triton Sensors

Available in a variety of colors, the new, sleek Triton Sensors will bring your tables to the next level. The sensors are USB-driven with a daisy chain design. Also, the sensors are connected to the dealer pad, so a customer’s bet amount is registered upon placing a chip.

Flexible System

Triton is designed to be flexible to accommodate casinos of any size. A single card room or chain of multiple large casinos, Triton will work for all. And this is just the beginning for Triton. Future developments are already underway for the system. Our team is working diligently to continue finding solutions to make our operator's jobs easier. Stay tuned for future upgrades to Triton Casino Systems in the near future.

Triton Casino Systems is the solution to a better customer and operator experience in the table games pit. Reach out to your Account Executive to schedule a demo!

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